Websites, unlocked.

Shape Works are WordPress consultants, employing cutting-edge thinking ahead of the market. Our expert team focus on delivering sites that are:

  1. Future proof - built for tomorrow's demands
  2. Easier to maintain - giving you complete creative control
  3. Faster loading - always ahead on Core Web Vitals
  4. More secure - to meet PenTest and regulatory requirements
  5. A pleasure to use - for both visitors and your team

We love exciting WordPress projects; ones that force us to innovate to create and deliver; ones where we can improve the long-term stability and success of the product and client. Most importantly, we value kindness to our team, our clients and our community.

We build blocks, not templates

Old fashioned template driven sites don’t allow businesses the creative control to experiment with new content, evolve designs and maintain their site freely.

At Shape Works, we build our sites using "Gutenberg" blocks. These blocks can be edited, adjusted and used site-wide, so the process of managing, maintaining and updating your website is truly bespoke.

Consider multiple layout variants and styling options.

Functional, UX and content driven wireframe development.

Develop the front end and backend interface to power the blocks and implement micro-animations/parallax.

Finalise design against functional specification considering performance throughout.

Some of our favourite client work




Development & migration

Mathys & Squire




Food Matters Live

Food Matters Live

Development & migration


Development & migration

Loyalty Lion

Loyalty Lion

Takeover & Support

Bettering the brief

To help you define what success looks like and to help you understand your site's purpose, our projects start with a discovery phase generally around 15% of the overall budget).

Scope dependent, discovery phases cover over fifty areas, including (but not limited to):

Reviewing existing site & captured data

Deciding which KPIs to evaluate

Considering security requirements

Identifying any core user journeys

Planning for A/B testing

Recognised by WordPress.
Straight from the horse's mouth.

We’ve been recognised as a WordPress VIP partner - one of only a few UK agencies with this accreditation from the creators of WordPress (Automattic). It’s a recognition of the expertise that goes into our work and a means of staying ahead of your competitors. You can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality of WordPress development, design and support.

As an enterprise CMS hosting platform, WordPress VIP is often the perfect partner for our larger WordPress projects with additional support, security and quality assurance.

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Your team of experts and innovators

The Shape Works team is led by experts from the world of enterprise CMS, digital project management, WordPress development, and User Experience design.

Working remotely suits us (a lot of quiet concentration goes into our builds) but we still find it useful to keep London as a hub for in-person collaboration when the need occurs.

Joe Lygoe
Joe Lygoe Creative Director
Essex, UK
Marc-André Deschamps
Marc-André Deschamps Web Engineer
Lisbon, Portugal
100% approved of the leadership
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Based on 24 reviews

Szymon Sporysz
Szymon Sporysz Technical Director
London, UK
Millie Ngaru
Millie Ngaru Project Manager
London, UK

Professional WordPress engineers

If the editing experience of a site matters as much to you as the front end, if Gutenberg, React, Bedrock, and Composer don’t sound like scary concepts, and if you occasionally fancy a trip to London: there may be a spot for you in our remote-first team.

Louis Suggett
Louis Suggett Commercial Director
London, UK
Sophie Binns
Sophie Binns Business Development
London, UK
Dan Addison
Dan Addison Web Engineer
Folkestone, UK
James Roe
James Roe Web Engineer
Surrey, UK
Jon Le Marquand
Jon Le Marquand Web Engineer
London, UK
Theau Sarr
Theau Sarr UX/UI Designer
Lyon, France
Nick Ellison
Nick Ellison Founder
Malvern, UK

Enterprise CMS design and build or takeover and rescue


Starts from £25k+VAT
  • Work alongside incumbent design and UX teams
  • Provide technical guidance to creative partners
  • Work to your brief and deliverables
  • Follow our refined development process


Starts from £40k+VAT
  • The full Shape Works process
  • Complete discovery phase
  • Harmonious design and development
  • Ensuring that the creative works seamlessly with Gutenberg
  • Flexibility and performance in mind throughout

Website takeover

Starts from £5k+VAT
  • Takeover for WordPress projects that haven't gone to plan
  • Project recovery to get things back on track
  • Experienced in takeovers from incumbent suppliers
  • Continued site maintenance and support

Here to support you

Whilst an enterprise CMS design and build project can have an end date, a website is never truly finished.

We give our clients all the tools to manage their content and build new page layouts from scratch, but stay involved after the initial build to keep things ticking over.

Improvement and support

Starts from £1k+VAT /month
  • Support ongoing SEO work.
  • Modify blocks and A/B tests for CRO processes.
  • Support the evolution of the brand.
  • Add new features and iterate existing functionality.
  • Ensure compliance with regular penetration tests.
  • Refine UX and creative work to keep the visual identity fresh.
  • Provide CMS training to new team members.
  • Be on call for urgent issues, outages and hosting issues.

Depending on the level of support, we typically check in with our clients (and their other agencies) at least monthly to plan work, manage resource and ensure we’re all thinking ahead.

More bang for your buck

The average lifespan of a typical Enterprise CMS website is around two years, seven months.

Through investing in a truly modular enterprise WordPress website and through continuous improvement, our goal is to double this to over five – reducing cost and hassle (plus the significant internal team commitment) for our clients.

Why a Shape Works enterprise CMS site is better value