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Takeover and maintenance

Why accept a sub-optimal website that frustrates you and your end-user? Maximise your return on investment by keeping us on hand to rapidly rollout impactful solutions. If your site is overdue for some TLC, some direction, or some oomph, you’re in the right place.

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Some benefits of having us on board


Enhanced security

We’ll regularly update your site’s software and plugins to patch known vulnerabilities and prevent potential security threats. We’ll also monitor your site for suspicious activity and provide timely remediation if needed.


Increased reliability

We’ll perform regular testing to identify and fix any issues before they become major problems. We also provide a custom zero-downtime deployment process, with a mechanism to instantly reverse any breaking changes.

Improved productivity

From incremental performance optimisations to ambitious, sweeping changes; you decide what your priorities are in any given month, and agree with us what we should tackle to help you reach your goals.

Place your website in safe hands

Hackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in websites, and if your site isn’t regularly updated and monitored, it could become an easy target. The software that runs your site is ever evolving and these necessary changes can introduce bugs. How do you stay on top of this maintenance work? How do you cope when there’s a problem? You don’t have to. Leave it to us to keep things shipshape while you focus on running your business.

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Unlock your website’s potential

A website is never truly finished, no matter how smart and meticulous you were during its design and build. New opportunities for improvements will always arise. We are the skilled engineers that can help you grasp those opportunities. Chat to us about a tailor-made maintenance and support package based on your business needs and budget.


This covers essential maintenance tasks and monitoring. We will perform regular, controlled software updates to keep your site secure and running optimally.


This option will give us some room to work on modifications, improvements and new features. Larger functionality or design overhauls can be split over multiple months.


A retainer of this size gives ample time to finish most significant projects within one month, such as building new Gutenberg blocks or updating the design of an entire page.

Get in touch

If you think you might be ready to hand the reins over to the experts, we’d love to hear from you.

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Do I need a website maintenance plan?

WordPress websites need continual monitoring and software updates for security reasons, at a bare minimum. You can try to do this in-house, but you’ll need a systematic approach to running updates, testing them in a server environment, and deploying the changes with zero downtime. You’ll also need the programming knowledge and tools to resolve bugs when they arise and keep moving forward. Leaving all this to experienced engineers who specialise in WP maintenance is the safest, and often the most cost-effective, way to go.

How much does a maintenance plan cost?

Plans start from £240pm (+VAT). This should keep your site running securely and efficiently. A plan like this is about making your life easier and reducing the risk of an expensive and damaging security breach.

We also offer more advanced retainer agreements, which buy you more dedicated developer time each month for making optimisations or adding new features. You decide what your priorities are at any given time and agree with us how best to use your allotted hours. This kind of plan is about maximising your return on investment. It turns a burdensome website that continually stacks up opportunity costs to the business, into a dynamic catalyst for growth.

What improvements can I expect to see from a monthly retainer agreement?

You get to call the shots – we can work on anything you can dream up! Typically we would talk regularly about what feature changes or performance enhancements you’d like to make. We can target all kinds of improvements, for example optimising your workflow, the frontend user experience, or your all-important Core Web Vitals. We can offer guidance, options, and time estimates, and make our own suggestions for the smartest ways we can support you each month.

How flexible can my retainer agreement be?

Scheduling a pre-arranged number of hours per month through retainers allows us to manage our resources, guaranteeing you our support. If you’d like extra time in a given month, to respond to fluctuations in market pressures or get new features over the line asap, we’ll always try our best to accommodate that. We’ll provide estimates for additional ad-hoc developer time. You’re always free to split any substantial but non-urgent batches of work across months, or put them on pause whenever the priorities for your allotted hours shifts.